Cycling routes, boat trips, visits to a museum, trekking…you can do these activities and much more in the Cuatro Villas of Amaya. Come to discover the Amaya’s Universe!

Some remarkable mountain bike routes

Town: Villadiego
Distance: 33,3 km
Estimated time: 4 hours y 10 minutes
Accumulated slope: 310 meters
Town: Amaya
Distance: 16,4 km
Estimated time: 2 hours y 05 minutes
Accumulated slope: 320 meters
Town: Melgar de Fernamental
Distance: 21,7 km
Estimated time: 2 hours y 45 minutes
Accumulated slope: 90 meters
Town: Castrojeriz
Distance: 16,1 km
Estimated time: 2 hours
Accumulated slope: 230 meters

Some remarkable trekking trails and other places

Town: Castrojeriz
Distance: 14 km
Estimated time: 3 hours
Accumulated slope: 230 meters
Town: Villadiego
Distance: 13,7 km
Estimated time: 3 hours
Accumulated slope: 270 meters
Town: Villadiego
Distance: Without branch: 10,4 km/With branch: 15,4 km
Estimated time: 2 hours y 30 minutes
Accumulated slope: 240 meters
Town: Melgar de Fernamental
Distance: Without branch: 14,5 km/With branch: 17,3 km
Estimated time: 3 hours y 30 minutes
Accumulated slope: 45 meters

Interpretation centers

Address: C/ Puente Romano s/n
Town: Villadiego
Town: Melgar de Fernamental
Telephone: 620857109
Town: Castrojeriz
Town: Sasamón

Some remarkable museums

The building where the museum is situated was an ancient hospital for pilgrims. It belonged to the Templar and, nowadays, it has more than 250 works of art of different artistic styles, from the...

It is divided in two floors and different sections that represent activities of everyday life in the village. It is situated in an ancient house called Casa de los Palazuelos, a singular...

This original house built by its owner, Carlos Salazar Gutierrez, SALAGUTI, has a very interesting collection of the works of art that he has made throughout the years. He is a self-taught...

It is situated in the collegiate of Santa María del Manzano, in the district of the same name, on the outskirts of the village. It contains medieval sculptures, paintings, parchments and several...

Some remarkable monuments

The mountain of Peña Amaya is included in a nature reserve with the declaration of Place of Community Importance and Area of Special Protection for Birds. This is due to its special situation and...

The strategic importance of Peña Amaya is due to its location and morphology. That’s why, this mystic mountain has had different human settlements through the centuries. Remains of different ages...

The hermitage of San Isidro, a beautiful structure built in the eighteenth century on top of an earlier construction of the sixteenth century, is situated on the outskirts of Sasamón. This...

This emblematic Plaza Mayor is presided over by the Town Hall building. The square has a curious elongated shape, in line with the rest of the ensemble. Here, the...

Other Activities

If you love nature and you love animals, if you want to give you a walk in the Way of the Stars or you want to relax and enjoy the sun gives hue to the sky and the fields at sunset, here we offer our proposed.

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Villandiego (Sasamón)
Arenillas de Villadiego (Villadiego)
Villasidro (Sasamón)
Hinestrosa (Castrojeriz)