Fishing in the Cuatro Villas of Amaya

The Ninfa project, in which the Cuatro Villas participate, is an initiative of several local groups of Castilla y León Autonomous Region to promote the fishing as a touristic activity and as an agent of rural development.

ArrolloTwo of the rivers that flow through the Cuatro Villas are included in this project: the Pisuerga and the Odra rivers.

The river Odra runs through the western area of the province from the north of Las Loras. In its route to the south of the region, it irrigates the fields of the municipality and village of Castrojeriz.

There is a rich variety of tree vegetation in the banks of these two rivers: poplars, weeping willows, black poplars, alder trees and ash trees. Also, several aquatic birds can be seen, such as grey herons, Eurasian coots, night herons and mallards. Barbels and otters are present in these rivers, too.



The lodgings of this region included in this project are:

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Ninfa Project

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