The geology in the Four Villages

Geology, together with Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, is one of the five fundamental natural sciences. The geological, geo-morphological and paleontological patrimony form one of the aspects of nature that it is somehow hard to explain due to the technical vocabulary used to talk about it.

Turismo geológico

The northern part of the Villadiego municipality and the area of Amaya are included in an important geological reserve called “Las Loras”, situated in a transitional region between the Cantabrian Mountains and the Duero River. This region is characterized by particular geological formations called “loras”. These “loras” or “muelas” are elevated plains running east-west and separated from others by deep valleys. The most important and well known “loras” are Peña Amaya and Peña Ulaña, in close proximity to each other.

It is a particular type of relief called “inverted”, because what now are mountains, before were valleys and on the other way round, because of different environmental agents, the mountains were eroded.

Apart from the “loras”, this area has other types of geological formations such as grikes, crests, dolinas, rills or gullies, among others.



The development of this special type of natural reserve is a pioneering project in the Autonomous Community of Castile and Leon. It was introduced in 2005 to show people some aspects related to geology, landscape and human uses.

This natural reserve has lots of points of interest to visit. That’s the reason why we offer the possibility to visit this place with a guide that will explain you how this area was millions of years ago, curiosities about the fauna and flora, and some fascinating things about this spectacular landscape.

The “Aula de Medio Ambiente” (environmental Section) of Caja de Burgos, in collaboration with the Geo-scientific Association of Burgos and other institutions, organizes different excursions to discover some interesting geological spots in our region so you can learn a bit more about the geological history of this natural reserve. The objective of this activity is to promote the huge diversity and geological importance of Castile and León at all types of public.

  • Minimum Age: 12 years
  • Limited Places
  • Registration: Aula de Medio Ambiente Caja de Burgos :

             Avda. Arlanzón, 4
             Tel.: 947 278 672.

Geological Tourism

For information on visiting the geological reserve of las Loras check with:

Aula de Medio Ambiente Caja de Burgos
Avda. Arlanzón, 4. Burgos
Tel.: 947 278 672.