The Way of St. James goes through the village and municipality of Castrojeriz. There, several hostels will attend to the pilgrims needs. For those who are looking for a quiet stroll, they can walk along the Royal Street of Castrojeriz.


This mountainous region in the north of Burgos is situated in a transitional area between the Castilla plain and the Cantabrian Mountains. These special conditions make possible the ornithological diversity of the territory. You can contact with the guide of ornithology by email: rufino@avesdeburgos.com


If you want to have a nice day in the Cuatro Villas of Amaya, why not try to discover more about the rivers that cross this area? And the best approach is as simple as going fishing! If you want additional information about the fishing services of this area, you can consult the following web page: http://www.pescaninfa.com


If you are interested in geology, you will find in the Cuatro Villas of Amaya a wide variety of geological formations. In particular, the northern area of the Villadiego’s municipality and Amaya deserves special recognition since it is included in the geological reserve of “Las Loras”.


Watching a sunrise or a sunset exemplifies the nature of life itself. If you want to relax and enjoy the colour of the sun in the sky and over the land, here you have a video that will not leave you indifferent.

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C/ General Mola, 8
Melgar de Fernamental - 947 37 20 02
Ctra. Hontanás-Castrojeriz, s/n
San Antón (Castrojeriz) - 607 922 127
C/ Arco, 1
Sasamón - 947 37 00 59
C/ Alta, 36
Sasamón - 947 37 02 75
C/ Mayor, 11
Villadiego - 947 36 00 42
C/ Vega, 10
Villadiego - 947 36 18 78