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You can begin these two days in the western part of Burgos by visiting one of the most historical villages of our province, Sasamón. We know this village was part of the Roman Empire and even the emperor Augusto camped in this land. And the best way to begin the day is by visiting the Interpretation center about the Celts, who were the original inhabitants of this village. Its spectacular church of Santa María la Real, where there is a sacred art museum, is well worth visiting.

There are other museums to enjoy: the Contemporary Art Museum and the museum of Salaguti, a local artist that will be delighted to show the visitor his works of art.

To have lunch you can choose among the restaurants that exist in this municipality. In the afternoon you can go till Olmillos de Sasamon to discover its magnificent castle and the beautiful church of La Asunción.

Dinner and lodging can be booked in this village or in Castrojeriz.



We propose that you begin the day by doing part of the Way of St. James that crosses this peaceful village. It is about 4 km. from the district of San Anton till the end of the Royal Street. While walking, you will discover some of the monuments of this village such as the ruins of the convent of San Anton, the church of Ntra. Sra. del Manzano (and its sacred art museum), the church of Santo Domingo (Interpretation center about the pilgrimages), the Major Square and the church of San Juan. If you wish to visit the castle situated in the hill over the village, there are several roads and paths that begin in this spot.

After having lunch in one of the restaurants that are located in Castrojeriz, we recommend that you go to the nearest villages. In Vallunquera, you will find a small but interesting Romanesque church. And in Villasilos and Villaveta, their exceptional churches will not disappoint you. They are really impressive.

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We invite you to start these two days of activities in the municipality of Villadiego, the biggest one in the province, where you can discover its small and interesting villages. In some of them, such as Boada, Arenillas, Villaute, Villanoño or Olmos de la Picaza, you will find beautiful Romanesque churches and medieval towers.

Then, you can walk along the streets of Villadiego and learn more about its popular architecture, its ancestral houses, the Jail Arch and the two churches of the village: Santa María and San Lorenzo.

There are several restaurants in this village where you can taste the typical cuisine of this region, which is highly regarded for products such as black pudding and sweets.

In the afternoon, enjoy one of the museums of the village: the Pictorial museum (with a paleontology area), the Ethnographic museum or the Sacred Art Museum. Moreover, you can go to the Interpretation center about the Comic, where you will have a lot of fun.

Dinner and lodging can be booked in this village or in Melgar.



To begin the day you can climb the mythic Peña Amaya to visit the remains of a pre-roman settlement, a medieval village and a castle that existed in the past. The views from the top of the mountain are spectacular. Later on, you can visit the small villages of Amaya, Peones and Puentes that surround the mountain.

After that, a walk through the streets of Melgar will help you learn more about the importance that this village had in the past and the monuments that are still standing, such as the magnificent church of La Asunción.

There are several restaurants in the village where the visitor can have lunch.

Finally, you can discover the culture and traditions of this village by visiting the ethnographic museum or sailing by the Castilla Channel in the boat San Carlos de Abanades, from the jetty of Carrecalzada till the lock of San Llorente de la Vega. The Interpretation center about the Water is another option that will make you aware of the importance of the water in this municipality.