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The history of Sasamón is related to the Roman Empire. Sasamon was an important crossroads in that age. Even the emperor Augusto camped in these lands. The village has an interesting artistic and natural patrimony.

You can begin the day doing some trekking. The path PRC-BU 195-Las Peladoras is fairly easy to do with children and passes by the museum of Salaguti, a local artist that will show you his works of art.

After having lunch in one of the restaurants of Sasamon, you can rent a bicycle in the BTT center and do the route BTT 10-Huellas Romanas de Seguisama. Finally, a walk through the streets of Sasamon will help you discover its interesting patrimony: the magnificent church of Santa María la Real and the Interpretation center about the Celts, where children will understand a bit more about these ancestral cultures.

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Villadiego is the biggest municipality in Burgos province. Its natural and artistic patrimony makes this area the best place for outdoor activities such as trekking or BTT. We recommend you a trip to this region with the whole family. First of all, you can visit Amaya and its mythic mountain. The path of Peña Amaya goes up to the top of the Peña Amaya. The first part of the path is quite easy to do with children, and they will discover the remains of a medieval village and a castle. The views are spectacular from that point. And if you are interested in ornithology, you can watch several types of birds. If you enjoy cycling, you can rent one bicycle in the BTT center and do the route BTT-16 Riberas del Brullés. It is only 7 km long and runs along the river.

After that, you can have lunch in one of the restaurants of Villadiego. In the afternoon, you can visit the village, its ethnographic museum and the Interpretation center about the comic. You will have a great time!

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Water has been essential for the development of the village and municipality of Melgar. The rivers Pisuerga and Valdavia, and the canals of Castile, Pisuerga and Cuernago flow through this land. That’s the reason why water is always present in this journey.

You can start the day doing some sport. If you rent a bicycle in the BTT center, we recommend you the route BTT 9-Los Carros. It’s short and easy to do with the family. Then, you can discover the importance of the Castilla Channel by sailing in the boat San Carlos de Abanades. The trip lasts about one hour and goes from the jetty of Carrecalzada” till the lock of San Llorente de la vega.

After having lunch in one of the restaurants of the village, you can walk along the path PRC-BU 190-Los Hortelanos that runs along the river Pisuerga and the famous vegetable gardens of this area.

To end the day, you can visit the village and its Interpretation center about water.

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Castrojeriz is one of the symbols of the Way of St. James and the best way for children to understand this historic route is doing a part of it themselves. You can begin in the district of San Antón and go till the end of the Royal Street.

During this placid four-kilometres walk, you will discover some of the monuments that pilgrims visit in this route: the ruins of the Convent of San Antón, the church of Ntra. Sra. Del Manzano, the church of Santo Domingo, the Major Square and the church of San Juan..

Or if you prefer, you can go till the small village of Valbonilla and do the path PRC-BU 188..

After having lunch in one of the restaurants of Castrojeriz, you can go up the hill over the village to visit the castle. The views from that point are spectacular. Then, we recommend that you rent a bicycle in the BTT center and do the route BTT 6-Vega del Odra..

To finish the day, you can learn a bit more about this village and its importance in the Way of St. James by visiting its Interpretation center about the pilgrimages. .