Rutas en bici de montaña, paseos en barco, visitas a museos, caminos para recorrer a pie…todo esto y mucho más es posible en las cuatro villas. Acércate a conocernos y ¡atrévete a explorar el Universo Amaya!

Some remarkable mountain bike routes

Town: Amaya
Distance: 8,4 km
Estimated time: 1 hour y 5 minutes
Accumulated slope: 180 meters
Town: Villadiego
Distance: 39,8 km
Estimated time: 5 hours
Accumulated slope: 460 meters
Town: Castrojeriz
Distance: 16,1 km
Estimated time: 2 hours
Accumulated slope: 230 meters
Town: Amaya
Distance: 16,4 km
Estimated time: 2 hours y 05 minutes
Accumulated slope: 320 meters

Some remarkable trekking trails and other places

Town: Melgar de Fernamental
Distance: 11,5 km
Estimated time: 2 hours y 40 minutes
Accumulated slope: 130 meters
Town: Amaya
Distance: 12 km
Estimated time: 2 hours y 30 minutes
Accumulated slope: 400 meters
Town: Villadiego
Distance: Without branch: 10,4 km/With branch: 15,4 km
Estimated time: 2 hours y 30 minutes
Accumulated slope: 240 meters
Town: Sasamón
Distance: 10,6 km
Estimated time: 2 hours y 30 minutes
Accumulated slope: 155 meters

Interpretation centers

Town: Castrojeriz
Town: Melgar de Fernamental
Telephone: 620857109
Town: Sasamón
Address: C/ Puente Romano s/n
Town: Villadiego

Some remarkable museums

This original house built by its owner, Carlos Salazar Gutierrez, SALAGUTI, has a very interesting collection of the works of art that he has made throughout the years. He is a self-taught...

It is situated in the church of San Lorenzo and contains a lot of religious objects (sacred crosses, religious clothes, furniture…), documents and works of art, apart from the altarpieces and...

A museum that contains a private collection of paintings, furniture, tapestries and china, donated by Lorenzo Albarrán to the village of Villadiego. It also has a section of Paleontology with...

It occupies part of the church of Santa María la Real and keeps several religious objects and works of art.

Some remarkable monuments

The municipality of Sasamón has six villages, apart from Sasamón. These villages have worthy churches and hermitages. Some of them still preserve part of their...

This is one of the two churches that exist in the village of Villadiego, and the oldest one. It was a Romanesque church in the beginning, but it was modified after that period. The only Romanesque...

The mountain of Peña Amaya is included in a nature reserve with the declaration of Place of Community Importance and Area of Special Protection for Birds. This is due to its special situation and...

Also known as the Villa’s Door, it’s the only medieval door from the city walls that still remains, and the most important one. Its name is due to its strong aspect, with wide walls and small...

Otras propuestas

Si te gusta la naturaleza y eres un amante de los animales, si quieres darte un tranquilo paseo por el Camino de las Estrellas o te apetece relajarte y disfrutar con la tonalidad que da el sol al cielo y los campos al atardecer, aquí te ofrecemos nuestras propuestas.

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