Tagarrosa Tower

As other medieval towers, the Tagarrosa Tower shows its wide and defensive walls, silent witnesses of ancient fights.

General Information:

Tagarrosa (Melgar de Fernamental)
Tagarrosa Tower
Tagarrosa Tower
Town: Tagarrosa (Melgar de Fernamental)


In this small village of Tagarrosa, an ancient tower is preserved, but it has been modified through the centuries. Although it has a house built next to it, the thickness of its walls can still be seen, which gives the tower a strong aspect among the cereal fields that surround it.

This medieval tower has wide walls made of masonry with carved stones on the corners. It has a rectangular shape and four floors. The main entrance is hidden by a construction built next to the tower, but we know that it was located on the first floor. There are few windows and some of them were opened later.

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