The Stone Cross of San Isidro

There is not a stone cross as spectacular as this one in the whole province. It is unique thanks to its height and the exceptional carving.

General Information:

Ctra. a Villadiego
The Stone Cross of San Isidro
The Stone Cross of San Isidro
The Stone Cross of San Isidro
Address: Ctra. a Villadiego
Town: Sasamón


The hermitage of San Isidro, a beautiful structure built in the eighteenth century on top of an earlier construction of the sixteenth century, is situated on the outskirts of Sasamón. This hermitage houses one of the most beautiful stone crosses of the province, known as the “road cross” because, in ancient times, it was situated in the road that goes from Sasamón to Pedrosa del Páramo, which was an ancient roman road.

This stone cross has six meters high and it’s similar to a tree. Several religious scenes were carved in it, such as Caín and Abel. But the most impressive scene is the Original Sin, with Adam and Eve eating the forbidden apple while the snake, which has a woman face, surrounds the cross. On top of the monument, the Crucifixion is represented. On the other side of the cross, the scene shows the Virgin Mary when she was crowned.

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