The Pisuerga Bank

The bank of the Pisuerga river gives colour to this area. You can enjoy nature by walking between cereal fields and trees that surround the river.

General Information:

Melgar de Fernamental
C/ Rivera del Pisuerga
The Pisuerga Bank
The Pisuerga Bank
The Pisuerga Bank
Address: C/ Rivera del Pisuerga
Town: Melgar de Fernamental


Melgar is closely linked with water. The rivers Pisuerga, Valdavia and the canals of Pisuerga, Cuérnago and Castile surround the village. In addition, there are several fountains.

The Pisuerga bank is an ideal place to rest and go for a walk along a path that transits next to it. Moreover, the water has been used to irrigate the vegetable gardens of the village that give healthy products to the community, such as lettuces and leeks.

We can see along this trail the remains of several mills situated in the banks of the river, which used the water in order to move their stones.

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