Church of Villasilos

The small villages of Villasilos and Villaveta have two exceptional churches. They are really big and beautiful.

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Villasilos (Castrojeriz)
Church of Villasilos
Church of Villasilos
Town: Villasilos (Castrojeriz)


In Villasilos and Villaveta, two small villages of this municipality, there are two of the most impressive churches of this area. The church of San Andrés, in Villasilos, and La Inmaculada, in Villaveta; they have a very similar structure because of their three naves with round pillars and ribbed vaults. Both of them were built at the beginning of the sixteenth century. 1982.

The church of Villaveta was declared as a Historical Monument in 1982. Built by the master Rodrigo Gil de Hontañón, it has three naves with the same height although the central one is wider. The altarpiece was carved by Fernando de la Peña in a baroque style.

In Villasilos, the church of San Andrés is clearly the most important building. It was built in the sixteenth century by several masters: Juan de Pobes, Juan de Helgueros and Tomas Gil, among others. Inside, they are preserved several altarpieces.

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