Church of Asunción in Yudego

Besides the beauty of its landscapes, this municipality stands out because of the worthy churches the visitor can contemplate. The church of Olmillos is the most important one.

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Yudego (Sasamón)
Church of Asunción in Yudego
Town: Yudego (Sasamón)


The municipality of Sasamón has six villages, apart from Sasamón. These villages have worthy churches and hermitages. Some of them still preserve part of their Romanesque structure, such as the ones in Villasidro and Villandiego.

In the small village of Yudego, the church of the Asunción has an interesting altarpiece from the Renaissance built by Simon de Bueras. It is divided in five streets and three floors and has several scenes about the life of Christ, the Virgin, with the Crucifixion at the top. The Ancient Virgin, a sculpture carved in the years between the Romanesque and Gothic, is situated in the main place.

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