The Amaya Universe spreads over the western part of Burgos, between plains, moors and river banks.

The mythical mountain of Peña Amaya, a singular geological formation of Las Loras, is situated in the southern part of the Cantabrian Mountains and the Ebro valley.

Peaceful moors, little hills and cereal fields form the rest of the area. The rivers Pisuerga, Odra and Brullés cross this region between some indigenous trees such as black poplars, alders, alms, ashes and weeping willows.

In some cases, oaks, holm oaks, junipers and gall oaks can be seen in contrast with the colours of cereal lands.

Different birds of prey fly over the territory, where you can see wild boars and roe deer. A natural place full of life that you will discover with your family, walking its paths or biking through the well marked cycle-touring routes.