Way of St. James

The Way of St. James, declared as a World Heritage in 1993, crosses the province of Burgos from east to west in a 112 km. route.

Castrojeriz is one of the most important villages of the Way of St. James in our province. Its medieval structure, with a long and main street called Royal Street, is the typical structure of a village-road.

In this municipality, the road begins in the district of San Anton, where the traveler will find the bucolic ruins of the San Antón hospital and convent. The road continues to the Manzano district. There, you can see the ex-collegiate of Nuestra Señora del Manzano, which is currently a sacred art museum.

After visiting the collegiate, pilgrims begin the long Royal Street. In this street are situated some of the most important buildings of Castrojeriz, such as the Santo Domingo and San Juan churches, and the Major Square, a typical arcaded square.

After Castrojeriz, the road crosses the river Odra by a medieval bridge in direction to the hill of Mostelares. Through the moor, pilgrims reach the “Fuente del Piojo” and, with the view of the river Pisuerga, the road reaches Puente Fitero, in the municipality of Itero del Castillo. The province of Palencia is very close, on the other side of the river.

The total route from San Anton to Puente Fitero is 12 kilometers long. Families can do part of the way from San Antón to the end of the Royal Street of Castrojeriz. This part is just 4 kilometers long.