Monuments in 4 villas

This religious building was erected with the consent of the bishop of Burgos, Don Luis de Acuña, in the centre of the town, during the middle of the fifteenth century...

This hermitage, which has very reduced dimensions, is located in the outskirts of this small town, next to the road that goes to Coculina. Built in the 15th century,...

The former church of Santa Ana, one of the symbols of Melgar de Fernamental, stands tall in the centre of the Plaza de España, close to the Town Hall building. This...

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Santa Clara convent was built in the outskirts of the town in the fourteenth century although It was refurbished in the eighteenth century. The convent temple is a...

This emblematic Plaza Mayor is presided over by the Town Hall building. The square has a curious elongated shape, in line with the rest of the ensemble. Here, the...

Close to the remains of one of the old walls and one of its seven doors that served to protect the town, we can find in Castrojeriz a square called “Puerta del Monte...

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C/ Real, 5
Olmillos de Sasamón (Sasamón) - 627 28 54 62
C/ La Solana s/n
Sasamón - 630 16 73 55
Ctra. a Villandiego, km. 1
Olmillos de Sasamón (Sasamón) - 947 37 04 98
C/ General Mola, 15
Melgar de Fernamental - 947 37 20 13
C/ San Juan, 42-44
Amaya (Sotresgudo) - 947 36 32 16
C/ San Juan, 12
Amaya (Sotresgudo) - 947 36 32 16