The River Odra

The waters of the river Odra, when it passes through Castrojeriz, will make us enjoy the forms and colours of nature.

General Information:

The River Odra
The River Odra
The River Odra
Town: Castrojeriz


The river Odra runs through this area from the north of Las Loras. In its route to the south of the region, the river Odra crosses important villages such as Grijalba and Villasandino. It irrigates the lands of this municipality, between Villasilos and Villaveta, and the village of Castrojeriz.

Its water has been used continuously to irrigate the fields and vegetable gardens of these villages. On the outskirts of Castrojeriz, in the Way of St. James and before the hill of Mostelares, the river must be crossed via a medieval bridge called “de la Vega” or “de Bárcenas”. This bridge was built to avoid the floods caused by rain and it had, originally, more than twenty arches.

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