Lock 14th and San Llorente Waterwheel

You can discover the importance of this magnificent channel by sailing in a boat. You will enjoy a breathtaking natural environment.

General Information:

San Llorente de La Vega (Melgar de Fernamental)
Canal de Castilla
Lock 14th and San Llorente Waterwheel
Address: Canal de Castilla
Town: San Llorente de La Vega (Melgar de Fernamental)


Magnificent work of engineering of the eighteenth century, the Castilla Channel was promoted by King Fernando VI and the Marchis of la Ensenada. The canal was built to transport goods, most of them cereals, and a means of transport for the people living in the isolated castilian plain. Due to several wars and economic problems, the construction took almost a century, from 1753 till 1849.

The channel has three different parts, and the one that runs near Melgar is included in the northern branch. Nowadays, the channel is being used to sail in a touristic boat called “San Carlos de Abánades”, from Melgar to the lock of San Llorente de la Vega. In this village, there is an ancient water mill of the eighteenth century that is now a hydroelectric power station.

One of the most important works of this channel is the Abánades aqueduct, built to pass over the river Valdavia.

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Olmillos de Sasamón (Sasamón)

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