Las Loras

The northern area of the Villadiego municipality is interesting due to its orography, formed by a particular type of relief.

General Information:

Las Loras
Sunset in Las Loras
Basconcillos del Tozo
Hoyos del Tozo
Peña Amaya
Peña Amaya
Peña Ulaña
Town: Villadiego


The north part of Villadiego Municipality is included in a special geological area called “las Loras”. This area has a particular type of relief called “inverted”, because what now are mountains, before were valleys.

Touristic Services

San Llorente de la Vega (Melgar de Fernamental)
Hinestrosa (Castrojeriz)
Olmillos de Sasamón (Sasamón)

Leisure Activities

Art and Culture

Valtierra de Pisuerga (Melgar de Fernamental)