Church of Tagarrosa

The Romanesque art has left its mark in these two small churches situated in two villages near Melgar.

General Information:

Tagarrosa (Melgar de Fernamental)
Church of Tagarrosa
Town: Tagarrosa (Melgar de Fernamental)


These two small villages of Melgar have two churches that preserve part of its original Romanesque construction.

In Tagarrosa, the small church of San Andrés is situated on the outskirts of the village, over a hill. The southern nave and the apse are Romanesque, of the twelfth century, but have different elements from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries as well. The decoration of the apse windows is quite interesting. It shows geometric decoration and capitals with big scrolls.

In Valtierra, the church has a modified Romanesque apse divided in three parts by columns and with a small central window. The visitor can see, inside, a simple triumphal arch.

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