Casa del Cordón

As a symbol of power, some important families of Melgar built ancestral houses with beautiful coats of arms. Casa de los Palazuelos and Casa del Cordón are good examples of this type of houses.

General Information:

Melgar de Fernamental
C/ Sabiniano Sierra
Casa del Cordón
Casa del Cordón
Address: C/ Sabiniano Sierra
Town: Melgar de Fernamental


Situated near the church of La Asunción, Casa del Cordón was built in the sixteenth century and is remarkable because of the decoration of its façade. Nowadays, it’s a theatre called “Rodríguez de Celis”. Not far from this house, Casa de Los Palazuelos is a good building built in the eighteenth century with an interesting coat of arms. At present it houses an ethnographic museum and the tourist office. Other ancestral house of Melgar is the Town Hall that has a beautiful façade with columns, pinnacles and coat of arms.

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Amaya (Sotresgudo)
Olmillos de Sasamón (Sasamón)
Melgar de Fernamental

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