Andres, Ana and Maria run through the fields of Sasamon

This family arrived to Sasamon from Madrid, just to unwind and rest in the nature. Here, they discovered a fertile land where Romans, Celts and other ancient civilizations left their influence.

Some remarkable restaurants

Address: Autovía Camino de Santiago A-231, salida 135
Town: Olmillos de Sasamón (Sasamón)
Telephone: 947 37 06 06
Address: Camino de Santa Lucía, s/n
Town: Olmillos de Sasamón (Sasamón)
Telephone: 947 37 40 09
Address: C/ Arco, 1
Town: Sasamón
Telephone: 947 37 00 59

Some remarkable accommodations

Address: C/ Ronda, nº 15 bis
Town: Citores del Páramo (Sasamón)
Telephone: 947 411 262
Address: C/ Real, 5
Town: Olmillos de Sasamón (Sasamón)
Telephone: 627 28 54 62
Address: C/ Alta, 36
Town: Sasamón
Telephone: 947 37 02 75
Address: Ctra. a Villandiego, km. 1
Town: Olmillos de Sasamón (Sasamón)
Telephone: 947 37 04 98

Some remarkable museums

The building where the museum is situated was an ancient hospital for pilgrims. It belonged to the Templar and, nowadays, it has more than 250 works of art of different artistic styles, from the...

It occupies part of the church of Santa María la Real and keeps several religious objects and works of art.

This original house built by its owner, Carlos Salazar Gutierrez, SALAGUTI, has a very interesting collection of the works of art that he has made throughout the years. He is a self-taught...

Some remarkable monuments

Sasamón was a walled city in the Middle Ages. One of the medieval doors is still standing, with a tower that has a lancet arch, machicolations and battlements. It was built in the fifteenth...

In the small village of Castrillo de Murcia, just a few kilometres from Sasamón, it takes place the festivity of “El Colacho” the Sunday after Corpus Day. An extravagant character, “El Colacho”,...

The hermitage of San Isidro, a beautiful structure built in the eighteenth century on top of an earlier construction of the sixteenth century, is situated on the outskirts of Sasamón. This...

On the outskirts of Olmillos de Sasamón, you can see one of the most beautiful castles of Burgos. Initially, it belonged to the Cartagena family although several years later it went to the Duke of...

Some remarkable trekking trails and other places

Town: Sasamón
Distance: 13,9 km
Estimated time: 3 hours
Accumulated slope: 260 meters
Town: Sasamón
Distance: 10,6 km
Estimated time: 2 hours y 30 minutes
Accumulated slope: 155 meters
Town: Sasamón
Distance: 14,5 km
Estimated time: 3 hours y 30 minutes
Accumulated slope: 310 meters

Some remarkable mountain bike routes

Town: Sasamón
Distance: 11,1 km
Estimated time: 1 hour y 35 minutes
Accumulated slope: 80 meters
Town: Sasamón
Distance: 34.6 km
Estimated time: 4 hours y 20 minutes
Accumulated slope: 350 meters
Town: Sasamón
Distance: 25,9 km
Estimated time: 3 hours y 15 minutes
Accumulated slope: 280 meters

Interpretation centers

Town: Sasamón

Tourist offices

Address: Plaza Mayor, 1
Town: Sasamón
Telephone: 947 370 012

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