The Castrojeriz Village

Just a few fragments of the ancient city walls of Castrojeriz are still standing.

Six churches, three convents and seven hospitals existed in Castrojeriz, but only a few can be seen today. The ruins of San Anton’s convent are situated 2 km away from Castrojeriz. The road passes under the arch that protects its beautiful entrance. In the district of el Manzano, the ancient collegiate church of Nuestra Señora can be visited and, inside the village, the churches of Santo Domingo and San Juan watch pilgrims walk through the streets. The ruins of San Francisco’s convent are still visible and the convent of Santa Clara is occupied by cloistered nuns.

The Royal Street is the main street of the village and it has almost two kilometers of length. The Major Square is a typical arcaded square where the local market takes place. Traditional houses built with wood and brick can be seen in the Arco Sardina Street. An ancient market of fish took place there.

Some ancestral houses are still standing in Castrojeriz, such as the Casa de los Gonzales Barona, Casa del Cordon and the palace of the Count of Castro. The last one was built attached to the city walls.

And if you want to wander, you can visit the Plaza de la Concordia, plaza de San Juan or the Paseo Puerta del Monte.

The Municipality of Castrojeriz

The municipality of Castrojeriz includes seven villages: Castrojeriz, San Antón, Hinestrosa, Valbonilla, Vallunquera, Villasilos and Villaveta. This is an area with fabulous landscapes and interesting monuments. Some of them are declared as Historical Monuments. It is worth highlighting “The route to Santiago”, which has the UNESCO World Heritage designation.

The municipality has an area of 150 square kilometers. Moors, cereal fields, valleys and the river Odra give colour to this land.

The hill over Castrojeriz has been occupied since the Bronze Age. Remains of the Iron Age and the Roman Empire have been discovered as well.

Situated under the remains of its castle, Castrojeriz has a longitudinal structure with a main street called “Royal Street”. The Major square is a typical arcaded square, which is the centre of the village. Some important buildings are the Casa del Cordón, the palace of the Count of Castro and the Casa de los Gutierrez Barona.

In the Manzano district, the collegiate of Nuestra Señora del Manzano can be visited. In the old part of the village are situated the churches of Santo Domingo and San Juan, both built in a gothic style. The latter is the parish of Castrojeriz. Nuns occupy the convent of Santa Clara and the sightseer can admire the ruins of the convents of San Francisco and San Antón.

The villages of Villasilos and Villaveta have two beautiful churches built in the sixteenth century. The tower of Hinestrosa and the small Romanesque church of Vallunquera are other monuments worth visiting.