The area

The area of Amaya, in the northwest of this region, is immersed in a special zone called “Las Loras, which is a territory of special geological significance.

It has a particular type of relief called “inverted”, because what they are now mountains, they were valleys and vice versa. Due to different environmental agents, the mountains were eroded to become the current valleys. These “loras” are like a high plain separated from others by deep valleys.

Peña Amaya, 1,377 metres high (4,517 ft), is the highest mountain of this region and it is part of the Cantabrian Mountains. Other important “loras” are Peña Mesa, Peña Ulaña and Albacastro.

These mountains have been important human settlements in the past. Nowadays, remains of a castle and a medieval village can be seen in Peña Amaya while there are also remains of a pre-roman village in Peña Ulaña.

Moreover, Peña Amaya is included in a nature reserve and it has the declaration of “Lugar de Importancia Comunitaria” (Place of Community Interest) and “Zona de Especial Protección para las Aves” (Area of Special Protection for Birds).