Melgar de Fernamental Hostel

General Information:

Melgar de Fernamental
C/ Costanilla de la Azafata s/n
947 227 318

The Melgar de Fernamental Hostel is located northwest of the province of Burgos and near the Camino de Santiago in the town of Melgar de Fernamental in an environment where water flowing down the river Pisuerga and Canal de Castilla with the possibility of many activities in the town and its surroundings.

The modern hostel with 75 seats with full board option and is open all year groups.


Address: C/ Costanilla de la Azafata s/n
Town: Melgar de Fernamental
Postal Code: 09100
Telephone: 947 227 318
Other telephones: 636 134 558 - 645 906 870

Basic Information:

75 plazas


Make classrooms during school year of Nature and Immersion Programs in English Linguistics. In Summer Camps and Summer Camps for children who want to have fun and strengthen the English. Throughout the year the facilities are open to groups who want to enjoy a different day in contact with nature and with the possibility of many sports and leisure activities.

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